17 St Patrick’s Day Crafts and Activities

St Patrick’s Day Crafts. How I love thee. Let me count the ways……

Ok, so I am not totally obsessed with St Patty’s Day crafts, but they are a fun way to get into the Irish Spirit. Whether you want to make some crafts with the kids or just want to do a few Irish Home Decor this list of crafty goodness has everything that you need!

St Patrick’s Day Crafts

St Patrick's Day Crafts


I grew up in Savannah where there is a HUGE St Patrick’s Day celebration every year. Honestly, I never understood why it’s such a big deal in Savannah, but I always enjoyed telling people that Savannah has the second largest St Patty’s Day festival in the country. They even used to dye the river green. Rumor has it that a family member of mine might have been responsible for the first time that they dyed Forsythe Fountain green and almost got arrested for it. Now they dye the fountain green every year instead of the river. (At least they still did the last time I was there for St Patty’s Day) Guess you can say being quirky runs in the family!

That family member wasn’t the only one a part of the St Patrick’s Day festivities. My grandfather rode in the parade every year because he was a judge, and I was even able to ride with him. Riding in a parade at the age of 10, and waving to everyone like you had just been crowned queen, was definitely an amazing time for me. It was almost as cool as being famous.

Even though my family has been in America since god was a boy, when my dad tracked our family tree  it appears that all of my family on both sides immigrated from Ireland. My dad was even able to find out that we have a family castle in Ireland! Since learning this awesome news, I’ve decided I want to be addressed as Her Royal Highness of Quirkyness Ashley from here on out. Maybe I should ordered embossed stationary and start practicing my Miss America wave.

Well until my stationary arrives, I guess I will have to settle for getting my crafting on with these great crafts. There’s a little bit for everyone.  There used to just be 17 crafts for you to enjoy, but over the years I’ve found so many cute activities. Some of my favorite bloggers are really kick ass when it comes to creativity. It blows my mind what some of these gals and guys can come up with to get you into the festivities. Plus, most of them are super duper easy so you don’t have to be a crafting genius to be able to make your own at home!

Before you check out these awesome crafts, make sure to check out there other St Patrick’s Day activities to get you in the mood to be Irish for a day.

St patrick's day craft

 St Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids




What are some of your favorite St Patrick’s Day crafts or traditions?

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  1. heather walter says

    these are great ideas. They look easy enough for the kids and they are adorable. Thanks for sharing these ideas!


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