17 St Patrick’s Day Crafts and Activities

St Patricks Day Crafts

Whether you are Irish, or just faking it for a day, St Patrick’s Day is a fun time to do some crafts with the kids. It’s just before spring starts to show it’s face around Indiana, but we always love to make our home festive for the day. That’s when we bust out with the St Patrick’s day crafts!

I grew up in Savannah where there is a HUGE St Patrick’s Day celebration every year. My grandfather rode in the parade every year, and I was even able to ride with him. When I was in high school, I marched in it with my marching band.So, let’s just say there’s a long tradition of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in my family.

Here’s a great list of some cute St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids to help you get inspired for the holiday.

St patricks day craft

 St Patricks Day Crafts for Kids




What are some of your favorite St Patrick’s Day crafts or traditions?


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  1. heather walter says

    these are great ideas. They look easy enough for the kids and they are adorable. Thanks for sharing these ideas!


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