40 Valentine’s Day Crafts


Valentine's Day Crafts


In all honesty, my family is not really big on Valentine’s Day, but we do love crafting. That’s why the kids and I joined forces to cruise the Internet to find some really awesome Valentine’s Day crafts. This list has kids crafts, home decor crafts, and even some yummy food recipe crafts.


1. Easy Valentine’s Day Cards

2. Valentine’s Heart Lantern

3. Teabag Valentine’s Day Cards

4. Personalized Printable Valentine’s Coupon Book

5. Homemade VDay Sugar Scrub

Valentine's Day Crafts

6. Mason Jar Heart Glitter Lantern

7. Adorable Triple Painted Picture Frame 

8. Valentine’s Felt Coffee Cup Sleeve

9. DIY Valentine’s Heart Wreath 

10. Adorable Pom Pom Valentine’s Monsters

11. Heart Shaped Pot Holders

12. Crochet Heart Garland

13. DIY Candy Bouquets 

14. Fingerprint Heart Picture Frame

15. Heart Paper Headband Kids Craft

16. Floating Heart Wall Art

17. Adorable Scented Heart Sachets

18.  Sweetheart Button Wreath

Valentine's Day Crafts

19. Hanging Beaded Hearts

20.  DIY Love Blocks

21.  Stained Glue Valentine’s Hearts

22.  Countdown to Valentine’s Day

23.  Sweetheart Valentine’s Heart Pops

24. Make Your Own Valentine’s Heart T shirt Kids craft

Valentine's Day Crafts

25. Valentine’s Snow Globe

26. Votive Holders

27.  Shabby Chic Style Valentine’s Wreath

28.  Valentine’s Bear Gift Bags

29. Dragon Valentine’s Mail Box

30. Easy Kids Painted Pot Gift

31.  Valentine’s Mirror Kids Crafts

Valentine's Day Crafts

32. Burlap Heart Wreath

33. Free Valentine’s Printables 

34. Heart Chalkboard Mug 

35. Ruffle Heart Pillow

36. Valentine Scrabble Tile Necklace

37. X O sign

38. 3D Heart Mobile

39.  Heart Stamp Rollers

40. Shabby Chic Valentine’s Decor


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