Christmas Crafts: Winter Glitter Lantern

Winter Glitter Lantern


Winter Glitter Lantern

My kids and I have made a ton of Christmas crafts this year. I think so far this is one of their favorites. It’s really easy to make these winter glitter lanterns. It takes some time between drying, but overall you can have these jars done in less than 15 minutes (minus drying time).

The great thing about these lanterns is they look amazing, and even really little kids can help make them. Here are the supplies you need to make these lanterns:

Christmas Crafts

Ball Jars (or any other type of jar)

Loctite Spray Adhesive

Rustoleum Spray Primer

Epsom Salt




Make sure that your jars are clean and dry. You don’t want to start with a dirty jar. Yuck!

Christmas Crafts

Then take your spray primer and LIGHTLY spray the outside of the jar. If you spray too thick of a coat, light won’t show through. (If you did that, no worries I have another way to use these jars at the end of the post) Set the jar aside, and let it completely dry.

While your jar is drying, get a plastic bag. In the bag mix Epsom salt and glitter. Close the bag and shake, shake, shake. Little kids are going to LOVE this part.

Christmas Crafts

When your jar is completely dry, grab your spray adhesive and lightly spray the outside of your jar. You are going to want to spray quickly and then move onto the next step.

Christmas Crafts with Ball Jars

Very quickly after spraying, you can either place your entire jar in the bag and shake, or you can pinch salt between your fingers and sprinkle it over the jar. If you see spots that aren’t covered, just spray with more adhesive and sprinkle more salt. Repeat until your entire jar is covered on the outside (minus the bottom). Set aside to dry.

Once your jar is dry, get creative. Adorn your jar with twine, holly leaves, cranberries, or whatever else will make your jar absolutely amazing.

The final step is to insert a tea light candle and light! Your winter glitter lantern is complete!

Put too much primer on your jar? No worries! These jars also make amazing additions to center pieces too. Just look what I did with my first jars.

Witner Glitter Lantern


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    • Crunchy Frugalista says

      Thanks, Denise! It’s really easy, but looks like you spent hours on it. Shhhh your secret is safe with me.

  1. Bonnie says

    Hey there, When you say to use rustoleum spray primer, do you mean the spray on snow. Accroding to the picture it looks like the spray fake snow bottle? Just wondering.

    • Crunchy Frugalista says

      You can use either, but the spray primer coats more evenly.My kids wanted to try the spray snow and it did coat it, but it was much thinner and harder to stick :)

      • Bonnie says

        Sorry to bother you again. But could you tell me where you get your big bag of epsom salts? Is it the fine, medium or course? Also, how many jars can you get out of the bag? I am doing 105 plus jars with my kiddos at school for a Messy Monday project and want to have enough supplies. Thanks for the great idea and for the extra help.

        • Crunchy Frugalista says

          We found it in the pharmacy section at Wal-Mart. It’s the really coarse kind. We made six jars using only 2 cups of salt. Plus I still have 3/4 of a bag left. So you should be able to get 100 out of six bags depending on how heavy handed they are with the salt. I can’t wait to see how their jars turn out :)

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