Crafting with Crunchy: Repurposed Magazine Holders

Repurposed magazine holdersIf you are anything like me, you have magazines everywhere. I have stacks and stacks around my house and it makes my OCD twitch. I don’t want to spend the $10 for the lovely magazine holders that places like Target sell, even though they would control my chaos. Instead, I decided to come up with something that was not only frugal, but a little green as well.

Repurposed Magazine Holders

Enter cereal box magazine holders to save the day! To make each of these repurposed magazine holders it only cost me about .25 cents. That beats $10 a piece any day! Want to give it a whirl? Here’s what you need to do

Large Cereal Box
Box cutters
Contact Paper

To get started, make sure your cereal box is empty and clean. Don’t want any breakfast goodies left in your magazine holder.

Next, cut off the top flaps of the box. Make sure to use the box cutter so you get clean lines

Then you are going to work by cutting the sides.

Start at the top of the and measure about 2 inches horizontally. Make a dash mark to mark your spot.

Magazine Holder

From this spot, measure a diagonal line right at 8 inches long. (You do not want this to connect to the other side of the box)Make sure when your line ends you have to cut across horizontally about 3.5 inches to reach the end of your box. So your cut line should look like this.
Once you finished on the first side, repeat it on the second side until you can cut it all out so your whole magazine holder looks like this on both sides!Now that you are done cutting it out, you can decorate it however you want! I use contact paper to cover the outside. You can get a ton of great designs to match your decor, plus it helps make the box a little more sturdy!There you have it your finished magazine holder, and it is so much more personal and less expensive than buying the ones you find at big box stores
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  1. says

    This is awesome….not only because it’s crafty and creative but because you’re using something for another purpose…something that would have just ended up being tossed. Love it!

    • Crunchy Frugalista says

      Anna, Just wait until you see my updated ones. It shows you how to add label holders to the side as well. No one will know they aren’t ones you bought!

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