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  1. Jeanette says

    That sounds like it was a scary moment! Are you still live in Minnesota and I know what you mean by the white outs. You should always have a emergency kit in your car in the winter season because you have no idea when and where you get stuck.

    • Ash Sears says

      Yep, still living in Minnesota and expecting our first winter storm of the year tomorrow. You bet your bums I have a winter preparedness kit in my car already.

  2. Deborah Caudill says

    Wow! You have a grest family, so that means you’re a phenomenal mom. Moving to a different state so you can get your daughter the best medical care in the country and getting her there by driving through a blizzard makes you one determined mom. I hope your daughter is doing better. Please keep your readers updated if you have time to write about it. It would make a great book for the parents of other sick children and even for the children themselves. I was a sick child and my mom was wonderful. My dad travelled all week and I had an older sister and younger brother. I know my sister helped out a lot when she was older. I always marvelled at how we would rush to doctor’s appointments and to surgeries just to spend so much time waiting to be seen. I am 61 now and my mom is 92 and still worries about me. I was adopted and we had no medical records that could have helped with a diagnosis. Medical care was horrible back then. My first memories were of being in the childrens’ ward with about 5 or 6 other sick or burned children. The parents weren’t allowed to stay st night and I was so frightened at 4 years old. I am glad things have changed so much, but it will never be easy to have a sick child. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your daughter and the rest of your family.

  3. shelley says

    We don’t have tons of horrible winter weather in Texas, but when we do it’s good to be prepared. Thanks for the suggestions and I’m going to share this on my Facebook page in January (when we really start to get the nasty weather!).

  4. Reuven says

    You were probably all the more scared watching your daughter react. You certainly end with great advice! Best wishes for your daughter’s recovery.

  5. Julie says

    Scary story and great advice. We have pretty unpredictable weather here in the UK and really bad snow is rare. That means NO ONE is prepared properly and people often drive much too fast for the conditions when it is bad. It’s not fussing to be prepared, as you say it is so easy to go from everything is fine to everything is really not fine at all!

  6. Kelly says

    I have a ton of flashlights, that help me always be prepared. We loose power a lot at my house (we live in a very rural area), and it can last a long time. Since I have mobility issues it is vital that I see the floor when I walk. Flashlights help me stay safe.

  7. Audra O'Hara says

    We make sure to have a working generator in case the power is out for more than a day. Also we try to keep our vehicles maintained and our tires checked.

  8. Teri@The Freshman Cook says

    Yikes! I am so glad you and your family are alright! It sounds like you put together the perfect winter preparedness kit!

  9. Mother of 3 says

    Such great tips! That is quite the scary story and the whole time you were telling it I was thinking that I rarely even remember to put on my winter coat or wear gloves; not a smart move in New England. I rely on the car and our heater but you never know when you might get stranded.

  10. Jan Lee says

    I stay prepared by buying at least a month’s worth of food for the winter. I also try to have household supplies on hand, such as light bulbs, batteries, toilet paper, soap 🙂

  11. David says

    We have an emergency kit with flashlights and candles in it. We always keep a supply of shelf stable foods on hand as well in case of power outages.

  12. Colette S says

    I don’t live in a snowy region, but it does get icy sometimes.
    I keep a kit in the car to be safe and flashlights, blankets, food to go at home

  13. Brandi Dawn says

    I always try to have blankets, snacks and water in the car. Also, I live in an RV so I always make sure to have propane!

  14. Shay Moore says

    Even with our family living in the south we still try to stay prepared.My dad always stressed to all 7 (yes7) of his children that we needed warm blankets, a flashlight,food, water, and matches and a candle. Even after I was a married adult,I still caught my sweet Daddy sneaking a peek in the trunk of my car.

  15. Tammy Woodall says

    A couple of things we always make sure to have during the winter months are a flashlight, lots of batteries, and many gallons of water. Another thing we do to prepare is winterize our cars.

  16. Mary Beth Elderton says

    These are such good ideas. We are fairly well prepared here at home, but I have been wanting to make a “survival kit” for the car for Winter. One thing I want to do is have boots and extra warmth so Hubz could get home from work if something happened to traffic on his commute.

  17. Crafty Nunn says

    We have good that con be cooked on the grill if the power goes out. We have candles and flashlights. We live in the South so the winter does not mean the same to us.

  18. Geri Sandoval says

    We have an emergency kit for the house but a small one for the car that needs to be updated. Thank you this is something we need to do right away.

  19. Darlene Owen says

    Being as we live south of Buffalo, NY we get lots of snow, so I do keep plenty of flashlights handy incase we lose our electric.

  20. Amy Orvin says

    My favorite way to stay prepared in the winter is to have a kit like you talked about. I live in Charleston, SC , so we don’t see very many cold winters, but just in case, I like to have a kit on hand both in the car and home.

  21. Lissa Crane says

    I do stock up on batteries, but I also keep an extra case of water and canned food in our pantry, just in case we lose power or get snowed in!

  22. Elle says

    We always have extra water and batteries and keep a lantern and flashlights and extra blankets ready to go just in case.

  23. Laura J says

    I put extra boots, hats, mittens, scarves we get really cheap or at a thrift store in everyones size in the cars. Many times someone might not have their boots or scarf along…and just in case we get stranded in the snow and below zero temps…I make sure everyone has boots, mittens, hat, and a scarf. We also put in some blankets.

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